This list shows all Melee, magic and ranged weapons. There is no specific order.

Melee Weapons

Name Code
Dragon Claws Dragon Claws 14484
Vesta's Longsword Vesta's Longsword Soon
Statius's Warhammer Statius's Warhammer Soon
Vesta's Spear Vesta's Spear Soon
Chaotic Rapier Chaotic Rapier Soon
Chaotic Longsword Chaotic Longsword Soon
Chaotic Maul Chaotic Maul Soon

Ranged Weapons

Name Code
Chaotic Crossbow Chaotic Crossbow Soon

Magic Weapons

Name Code
Staff of Light Staff of Light Soon
Chaotic Staff Chaotic Staff Soon
Staff of the dead Staff of the dead Soon
Zuriel's Staff Zuriel's Staff Soon

Cosmetic Weapons

Name Code
Candy Cane Candy Cane Soon
Royal Sceptre Royal Sceptre Soon

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