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Looking for something exciting other than Pking? RoatPkz has a few PvM options available. Roatz Pkz champ is located at the portals next to the altar @ home.

Roat Pkz Master drops Pk Point items & Magic fang. (Same drops as Donator Zone NPCs.)


Killing Roat Pkz Master

It Is recommended to bring good melee gear (I recommend dharoks), prayer potions, food and vengeance runes. You will need to pray melee for the entire fight.


Drop Table

Item Quantity Rarity
Magic fang Magic fang 1 Very Rare
Pegasian boots Pegasian boots 1 Very Rare
Eternal boots Eternal boots 1 Very Rare
Primordial boots Primordial boots 1 Very Rare
Zuriel's Hood Zuriel's Hood 1 Rare
Zuriel's Robe Top Zuriel's Robe Top 1 Rare
Zuriel's Staff Zuriel's Staff 1 Rare
Zuriel's Robe Bottom Zuriel's Robe Bottom 1 Rare
Morrigan's Coif Morrigan's Coif 1 Rare
Morrigan's Leather Chaps Morrigan's Leather Chaps 1 Rare
Morrigan's Leather Body Morrigan's Leather Body 1 Rare
Vesta's Longsword Vesta's Longsword 1 Rare
Dragon Claws Dragon Claws 1 Rare
Statius's Full Helm Statius's Full Helm 1 Rare
Statius's Platelegs Statius's Platelegs 1 Rare
Statius's Platebody Statius's Platebody 1 Rare
Barrelchest Anchor Barrelchest Anchor 1 Common
Fighter Hat Fighter Hat 1 Common
Fighter Torso Fighter Torso 1 Common
Fire Cape Fire Cape 1 Common
Mages' Book Mage's Book 1 Common
Master wand Master Wand 1 Common
Seers' Ring (i) Seers' Ring (i) 1 Common
Archers' Ring (i) Archers' Ring (i) 1 Common
Warrior Ring (i) Warrior Ring (i) 1 Common
Berserker Ring (i) Berserker Ring (i) 1 Common
Blessed Spirit Shield Blessed Spirit Shield 1 Common
Spirit Shield Spirit Shield 1 Common
Super combat potion (4) Super Combat Potion (4) 1 Very Common
Super combat potion (3) Super Combat Potion (3) 1 Very Common
Super combat potion (2) Super Combat Potion (2) 1 Very Common
Super combat potion (1) Super Combat Potion (1) 1 Very Common

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