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Method Requirements Recommended Profit Per Hour
Clan Pking Clan Pking A clan (2-5 people) Gear & food Good communication with your clan (TeamSpeak or Skype) Depends on the loots
Risk Fighitng Risk Fighting Starting money / Gear & food Good Pking Skills Depends on the amount of Pk Tickets of the risk fight
Staking Staking Starting money Luck Depends on the amount of stake


Method Requirements Recommended Profit Per Hour
30px RoatPkz Champion (Wilderness) None Good gear Luck (Depends on drop)
30px Donator Npc None Good Gear Luck (Depends on drop)
Chaoselemental Chaos Elemental None Good Melee Gear Luck (Depends on drop)


Method Requirements Recommended Profit Per Hour
Donator Donating In real life money None Depends on what you donate for and how much.
Ticket Voting An account ::Vote - ::claim when claiming 1 Vote Ticket every 12Hrs
Youtube2 Video of the Month Video recorder Good editing skills and overall smooth video Depends on the awards
Graphics Designer Selling GFx on forums Photoshop Good photoshop skills Depends

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