Combat Level 305
Hitpoints 450
Attack Style PrayMelee PrayRange
Max Hit --
Requirements None

How to Get There


1) Run east from the Mage bank

2) Teleport to 44 Portals, then keep activating the obelisk till you reach Level 55 wilderness, and run west

3) Pull the lever near Edgeville yew trees to teleport to the Deserted Keep then run east.

4) Use Annakarl teleport (Ancient magic) to reach Demonic Ruins then run north

Recommended Gear/Style


Best melee gear (needs expanding)


Best ranged gear


Best magic gear


For a full list of drops, please see the Database found Here

Unique Drops

Item Quantity Drop Rate
Divine Spirit Shield1 Divine Spirit Shield 1 1/10000
Dragonfire Shield Dragonfire Shield 1 1/250

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